Neon City Rush

Enter the Cube and discover our sci-fi neon city.

Speed around our surprising tracks and be sure to take advantage of our crazy bonuses such as our laser guns or paint bombs to leave your opponents in the dust.

Start all together from the grid and let’s see who can put their skills into high gear to break away from the pack… and claim victory as they cross over that finish line.

Includes 2x game sessions of 15 minutes in the Cube

2-8 players
6 tracks
5 bonuses

Discover the tracks

Our wild tracks feature unexpected twists, turns, crossroads, swirls, roundabouts, and turbo-charged boost plates that will blow your mind.
tracks image
tracks image
tracks image
tracks image
tracks image
tracks image


Players of all ages are welcome, provided they meet the minimum height requirement of 1.3 meters.

Our karts are single-rider only. Children must be at least 1.30m tall to participate.

For safety reasons, we do not allow pregnant individuals to participate.

Players must wear closed-toe shoes for safety. Loose or baggy clothing should be tied up or removed during gameplay.

Yes, we prioritize fun and safety. Please review our Health and Safety Policy for further restrictions to ensure everyone's safety.