Wait times at Supercube can be considerable if you do not book in advance. “Arrive and Play” is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis and there is no guarantee that you will be able to play.

We currently offer one adventure. You will be notified when we launch a new adventure. You will then be able to select which adventure you want to play when you make your online booking.

Reservations up to 8 players are guaranteed to play together in the same game session. For groups larger than 12 players, please make multiple reservations

You need a minimum of 12 people to book a group event at Supercube.

Yes, you absolutely can buyout an entire Supercube venue for your event! Inquire here for more information about pricing, capacity and availability.

Our first venue is located Maaltekouter 62, 9051 Gent. Use one of the two following links to get straight to our front door and our parking: Waze or GoogleMaps

We have parking spots right in front of the venue. Flanders Expo charges 4 euro per ticket.

You sure can! Tram line 1 outside Gent-St-Pieters train station leads straight to Supercube.

There is no age requirement at Supercube, but you must be at least 1,30m tall.

No. That would be silly, Supercube is just a game.

No, all karts at Supercube are single-seaters. If your child is not at least 1.30m tall, they will not be able to play.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow people at any stage of pregnancy to play.

We require closed-toe shoes to play. Baggy loose and clothing must either be removed or tied during the game.

Unfortunately, we've had to stop the game too many times due to GoPros and cameras falling on the gaming floor.

To ensure the safety of our customers, numerous restrictions apply. Please consult our Health and Safety Policy.

With a minimum of 12 friends, you can indeed reserve an area in the bar.

We currently only serve finger food such as Loaded nachos, Teryaki chicken wings, Veggie nuggets, Spicy potatoes, etc.

Yes, we serve alcohol. But if we feel you are unfit to drive a go-kart, you will not be allowed to play.

Where else would you go? There’s a bar and restaurant waiting for you.

Please email feedback@supercube.com